WSJ Report Claims HP Eyeing Android for Netbooks

hp_netbookAccording to unnamed sources who have been briefed on the matter, HP is looking at Android as a possible OS for their netbook line.  If this pans out, it could be a huge win for Google and Android as a platform.

Analysts are forecasting sales of over 21 million netbooks in 2009, which is much higher than last year’s figures.  It wouldn’t be too hard to get a decent piece of that pie as that market has yet to really be set in stone.  Dell reports that 1 in 3 Mini 9 netbooks that leave their plant have some form of Linux installed, indicating Microsoft hasn’t locked that niche up yet.

Asus has already committed to Android-based netbooks with Freescale Semiconductor, but HP is a bigger name here in the US.  A company like Hewlett Packard could hit the tipping point for both Android and netbooks at the same time.

With the economy in turmoil, people will be looking to spend less money on laptops and similar technology.  Since Android is free and there are no licensing fees, it would be very appealing and inexpensive from OEM down to end user.

Original source (WSJ) requires subscription.

  • johnkzin

    I love my G1, but Android needs to fix a few things before I'd want it on my netbook: 1) Full Google Reader support (add/edit tags, subscriptions, etc.) 2) Full Gmail ("send as", add/edit filters, add/edit labels) 3) Full Google Docs (edit, etc.) 4) Better IM support (more than just Google Talk for Jabber, multiple IM accounts per protocol (including Google Talk), multiple accounts open at once (including multiple accounts per protocol). 5) Supported IM client with solid integration with SSH/ConnectBot 6) The browser doesn't support htaccess based auth, which messes with my ability to admin my mail servers. 7) I would expect such a netbook to have support for WWANs via PC Express Mini cards, USB, BT DUN and BT PAN (in addition to wifi, of course). If they fix all of that, great, put it on my netbook 🙂

  • AndroidDeveloper

    I hope google ports Android to run on any x86 computer, not just the Arm based smartphones. I would replace my win XP to Android in a heartbeat ! It should be starighforward, as the only devices to worry about will be Sound, Graphics, and WiFi. Android runs good on 500MHz phone, it would certainly fly on my old laptop.

  • johnkzin

    Someone had it running on an Eee PC a few months back. That'd be x86.

  • AndroidDeveloper

    I remember seeing that news, but right now I can't find anybody offering that version for download or instructions on how to make it run on x86. I downloaded Android Code to compile it for x86, but the build fails half-way complaining about the target platform.

  • ktt
  • AndroidDeveloper

    This is great ! Thanks a lot…