A Few More Cupcake Images Emerge (CTIA)

cupcake_ctia_001The boys over at MobileCrunch have scored some first hand photos of Cupcake running on the HTC Magic. The images show some of the new features and enhancements coming from Google and pals. Some are more subtle than others.

  • Word suggestion/correction
  • Ready made emoticons for texting/emailing
  • Application slideout tray has background tile
  • Jiggle animation when screen orientation changes
  • Add to Home Screen options have icons associated





Now before we get the emails from of you developers on the inside who claim that none of this is new to you, it is to a majority of our readers. Small improvements and added features like these are what the typical Android newbie is blissfully unaware of.

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  1. Eli
    April 02, 06:22 Reply

    Will this same feature set be available on the G1 if it ever gets the cupcake update?

  2. D.T.
    April 02, 18:03 Reply

    I hope there will be a setting giving the choice of fast, snapping orientation changes in lieu of jiggle animations.

  3. chefgon
    April 02, 19:33 Reply

    @D.T. I assume that the "jiggle animation" is a loading screen and lasts only as long as it has to. Remember, Android shuts down and restarts the currently active application every time its orientation changes (to load in new resource constants), so it is never going to be instant. The speed of the rotation depends entirely on the complexity of the current application.

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