Android Around the World: Germany and Austria Launch Paid Apps

paid_apps_largeWe just got a tip from the guys at Froogloid, who tell us that they’re seeing sales for their app out of Germany and Austria.  This brings the total number of European countries with paid Android Market apps to three, including the UK.

What apps are you guys seeing overseas?  Anything special that catches your eye?

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  1. Jan-C. Borchardt
    April 01, 20:37 Reply

    Nothing unusual, I just purged all paid apps and so far only found six apps that I considered worth paying for: dxTop, MyBackup Pro, Snap Photo Pro, aFile Pro (or is it Discover Pro?) Finally the games Cubik and Kidd GBC, but both of them do not download. Even after market restart and complete reboot, I wonder why. Now that I have the full spectrum, I hope that I get my Android essentials post written this weekend.

  2. DarkFox
    April 01, 20:45 Reply

    I wouldn't mind if they'd open up paid apps globally…

  3. Al Sutton
    April 02, 08:09 Reply

    The biggest problem still seems to be not showing prices in the local currency. We now have two countries who can only see paid apps in two listed in two different currencies, neither of which they use on a day to day basis.

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