Qualcomm Convergence Looks Impressive


qualcomm_logoFounding Open Handset Alliance member Qualcomm has come up with some very cool new technologies to aid in their wireless convergence effort.  We’re not going to spoil anything by talking.  We’ll just let the video below speak for itself.

Qualcomm has already launched their website based around Wireless Convergence.  We invite you to take a few minutes and check it out.  You’ll be glad you did!


  1. The whole time they're talking to the engineer with the drawings of the third product, I was thinking "Napoleon Dynamite".

  2. Whatvever Qualcomm make is only Popular in USA see EVDO and CDMA in whole World it is looked as Defective Technology and is constantaly loosing market share Sprint is Batting on Wimax Verizon Batting on Openwave. Telus and Bell in Canada is planning for GSM (HSDPA) networks. in Australia One Network already have shifted to HSDPA. Worls Biggest CDMA Player Reliance India is have Already Created Same Big Network in GSM and Planning for HSDPA. I think Qualcomm sud focus more on open stanbdard, lower royaly, and Generic Handsets based on RUIM Card rather then Locked Handset to Operator which disallow them to Port Phone to New Network like GSM does. Till now Qualcomm Excel in Chipset Business But HTC is the Major taker. But whatch on nVidia and AMD Intel comming into Picture with more Graphics Centric Lower Power Consumption chipsets in Comming years

  3. I agree. If Qualcomm makes pigeonwolves, sharkfalcons, and crocodeagles, they will only be popular and relevant within the US. Your message makes perfect sense here. Oh, wait, it's not April 1st anymore… damn. Ok, let me rephrase that: either you need to have your sense of humor examined, or you need thorazine, or you need methadone (because you're clearly crazy or on crack).