Super Mario and Star Wars Themes for the G1

Hey guys – Just a quick post to show you the two themes I created for my G1 using Sweeter Home.  I am working on getting a video of these together soon but in the meanwhile I wanted to share some pictures.

I just love this app so far.  Being able to customize my home screen is way more fun than I thought it was going to be.  Thanks to the ability to use transparent picture (.png) files and layers, the possibilities seem endless.  Behold my Super Mario and Star Wars themes!



Updated with Street Fighter (Ryu) Grabs




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  1. Sassy
    April 03, 02:50 Reply

    ok, as a Super Mario lover you have to post instructions or the "supplies" for me to do this myself! No teasing! Thanks, these are great!

  2. TareX
    April 03, 05:37 Reply

    Sweeter Home is just super amazing…. I cannot begin to imagine how good this would look on a hi-res big screen Huawei, or with 3D acceleration on a Tegra android…. Lovely lovely lovely…. viva open source.

  3. AndroidDeveloper
    April 03, 16:38 Reply

    Looks good. All the power to open source. Iphone will start looking very boring compared to this…

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