Amico’s “Brava” is Yet Another Unknown Slab Phone

android_brava_001It’s hard not to use the word generic when it comes to handsets like the Amico “Brava” but that’s the first that springs to mind.  We’ve never even heard of the company, and a cursory Google search yields nothing.  That won’t stop them from releasing an Android handset though.

If Amico want to get any market share at all, they’ll need to drop the handset on us as soon as possible.  Android is going to be arriving from much bigger names before you know it and companies like Amico will be quickly forgotten.  After a quick look at some pics the handset looks… well, like a vanilla slab phone.

  • 624MHz Marvell processor
  • 3 MP camera w/ autofocus
  • microSD expansion card slot
  • 3″ resistive WQVGA display

android_brava_002According to EngadgetMobile, the phone is being reworked to incorporate 3G as right now it only supports EDGE.  Overall, the specs don’t blow us away.  On the other hand, resistive touchscreens are nice for folks who like to use a stylus so maybe it has its own niche.

No word on what the price point is or when to expect the phone.

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    Or it might be dirt cheap. There's plenty of places around the globe where $100 are a lot of money

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