Call To Action: Distributed Build Gurus Wanted


coneIf you are a fan of Android and have experience with federated build farms, such as tinderbox or BuildBot, we could use your help!

Right now, the core Android team is not making available any sort of periodic builds of key branches of the Android firmware, such as the oft-cited cupcake branch. However, we really could use a nightly build process, to generate an SDK and matching emulator. That way, application developers can experiment with their application on a newer environment. Also, it will help us involve ordinary people (non-developers) more in QA, through periodic “smoke tests” to confirm that what is supposed to be working is, indeed, working.

Al Sutton of AndAppStore has made a build of a recent snapshot of cupcake, for those needing an unofficial cupcake SDK in the short term.

If you have experience setting up or managing tools like tinderbox, BuildBot, CruiseControl, or the like, and could offer some expertise to us in the Android community, chime in here, or contact me at mmurphy ^at^

Thanks in advance!


  1. I have experience setting up and managing both Tinderbox2 and Buildbot instances, and would be available to help. Gotta go read up on Hudson as well, seems promising…

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