T-Mobile to Launch Android Based Home Phones and Tablets

jetsons_phoneT-Mobile has big plans for Android and it goes well beyond using it for mobile phones.  According to an article published in yesterday’s New York Times, the US carrier plans to offer a variety of devices that will use the operating system.

Starting in early 2010, T-Mobile USA will begin offering a home phone running Android and then follow that up with a tablet computer as well.  This information comes courtesy of confidential documents obtained from one of their partners. Not much is known about the phone other than it “will plug into a docking station and come with another device that handles data synchronization as it recharges the phone’s battery. “  Sounds like fun to us.

As far as the tablet goes, we’re told it is a “tablet-size phone device [which] resembles a small laptop without a keyboard and has a seven-inch touch screen. It would handle basic computing jobs like checking the weather or managing data across a variety of devices in the home.” Sounds like a Touch Revolution NIMble, does it not?

T-Mobile could have an entire line of products running Android when it’s all said and done.  It shouldn’t be too hard to retool the Cameo picture frame to allow for the platform.  Perhaps they’ll be following in the footsteps of AT&T and offering subsidized netbooks before long.

Fun to ponder…If the home phone runs off of the T-Mobile @home service, it could possibly incorporate front facing cameras and allow for video conferencing.

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  1. Luke
    April 06, 19:07 Reply

    I imagine that video conferencing is at least on a list of things that they would like to include. That would be phenominal!

  2. Will Bout
    April 07, 22:22 Reply

    Video Confrence would be awesome…I still thing that tablet device might turn out to be made by ARCHOS…..hmmm…if the archos 5 gets android and 3g that would be pretty cool….esp if it has wi-fi too….btooth too boot would be nice

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