Gmail Experience Improves for Android, Adds a Floaty Bar

gmail_improvementsThe guys behind the Google Mobile team have made some nice improvements to the Gmail experience for both Android and iPhone.  The subtle enhancements come in the form of faster loading and offline reading and composition but the best part is the “floaty bar” that slides up and down with your messages.

Ever read through really long messages and then have to scroll way back up to the top so you can mark the email accordingly?  Not anymore.  The new bar is always visible, giving you access to everything you need such as archiving and deleting in bulk.

Another feature we like is the color coordination and labeling that more closely resembles the desktop’s experience.  We’re still trying to figure out why Android users would want to use the web over the built-in client though…

  • John

    I don't like floaty thingies. Wish they kept things simple.

  • ack

    did anybody see the link on the webpage that updates gmail making it faster on delivery and allowing access to read emails when you can't connect to the internet?

  • TareX

    that floaty bar was long over due…. am glad they finally added it…

  • JonathanWM

    The web version of mobile gmail is also supposed to allow users to benefit from faster release cycles, according to google's blog post about this.

  • Thomas

    As an android user, I use the native client for my personal e-mail account, and the web client for work e-mail account. The arrangement works quite well, and the new update has definitely made it even better!

  • I'm a android user and i found the new update is very effective.