Acer Working With Android Desktop Prototype

acer_desktopEarlier today at a press event, Acer dropped a little tidbit that perked up our ears -  They have a prototype desktop with Android on it.  We’ve heard of netbooks and MID’s running Android, but this might be the first desktop to be announced.

Acer says Android has a chance on desktop, adding they already have a prototype. But not quite ready. – Lance Ulanoff via Twitter

Lance, the editor-in-chief for PC Magazine feels Android is not quite ready to move beyond the smart phone just yet as there are no productivity apps in the sense that users will come to expect.   While this might be true today, a year from now it ought be a different story.  Besides that, if Google does what they intend to with Android, the mobile experience will be a beautiful one on any mobile hardware configuration.

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  1. AndroidDeveloper
    April 08, 16:32 Reply

    Keep'em coming ! Great. I realized the power of Android a while ago. Its a great framework, pretty fast and responsive, has a Linux kernel, and you can write apps in Java. It has the potential to be a great desktop/laptop OS. To me, this is the realization of a Java Desktop system which I have been waiting forever. For those who consider java virtual machine slow, take a look at this benchmark: ” target=”_blank”> Llvm which is a virtual machine, comes almost close to gcc 4.2.3 compiled code. What we need is an efficient virtual machine for Android and it will be as fast as any other OS.

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