Lenovo’s OPhone Pours Some iPhone on Top of Android (VIDEO)

lenovo_ophoneCheck out the video below to see what the OPhone looks like so far. You’ll notice it has the Android backbone that our T-Mobile G1 has, but with quite a bit of modification on top. Sure there’s that most obvious change in the iPhone-like tiles, but look deeper. You’ll find widgets, 3D animations, and more.

Let’s pretend for a moment that this phone makes it stateside… Any takers?

Source: ModMyGphone
Thanks to Paul at Droideo for the tip!

  • geowilz

    Awesome! This is a new technical benchmark that Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Dell, HTC and other Android manufacturers (who just took a big gulp watching this) now recognize as as a standard.

  • Chris_Fagan

    Sure, I'll take it 🙂 Looks good. Love the 3D graphic transitions.

  • Todd A

    And it's a resistive screen right, so I can get back out my stylus !

  • HereAndNow

    iPhone similarities aside, it's great to see someone leveraging Android's open source nature, to deliver variations on the user experience. The cool thing is that, even with a different front end, all Android apps should run like they do on any other Android device. Hopefully, there will eventually be a wide variety of installable "home screens/desktops" available for Android.

  • bob foss

    google maps navigator is super best regards

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