HTC News – Fiesta Outted, Magic Being Used in US


htc-fiesta-bluetooth-sigMobile tech sites were buzzing this weekend over the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s (SIG) outing of a new HTC device.  Called the “Fiesta”, the handset is expected to be available in Europe, North America and Asia.  As of right now there are no pictures or specs to share with the class.  This marks the first time we’ve heard about this codename as it was not listed on the leaked roadmap from earlier in the year.

If you follow the link today, you’ll just see that the Fiesta is a “Phone” with the word “Android” nowhere to be found.   Maybe it’s not Android after all?  More likely, someone loosed the hounds on the Bluetooth SIG.

In other HTC news..

a2bmagicThe guys over at Froogloid sent along a bit of information that indicates the HTC Magic might be getting close to launch here in the states.  Looking back over the last few days of analytics, they noticed that someone using an HTC Magic to access their app.  They couldn’t say definitively where the person was located, but all of their sales from that day were based out of the US.  Could these already be running around, waiting for an official launch?

Thanks Chris!


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