Comparing the Google and HTC Builds for the Magic

Nick Gray of HTCSource put together two very thorugh looks at the new Android builds coming from Google and HTC.  He rooted his G1 some time ago and has been since playing around with various versions of Android.

htcsource1Gray notes some of the subtle differences between the two and points out things that might not be immediately noticed by casual glances.  There are some screen shots to look through for both, giving us glimpses as to what’s coming down the road in terms of widgets, aesthetics,  and overall user interface.

After a day of flashing by G1 between the two builds, I chose to stick with the Google build. Though it has fewer features, the Google build for the HTC Magic felt like it was closer to being a finished release. The HTC build as a bit slower and had a few more bugs.

calendar2Be sure to check out both posts and subscribe to his feed.  He has the best, if not the only, dedicated HTC news site I’ve come across.

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