Microsoft adCenter Within Android Apps: A Cautionary Tale

angry_droidIt’s a tough decision for developers to make – Do you charge for your app or do you embed advertisements instead, hoping for clicks?  If you’re considering writing your own application, you might want to give this story a read.

An Android developer going by the name of “egyptian”  decided to use adCenter within his game, rather than charging for it outright.  What started out as a rather positive experience with Microsoft quickly spiraled into a dour one. 

Microsoft adCenter Publisher Support has received your request to appeal the closure of your account. As previously stated, this investigation has concluded and your account has been closed in accordance with the Microsoft adCenter Publisher Pre-Release License and Service Agreement…While we appreciate your interest, please understand that our decision to close your account is final. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well. Thank you for your cooperation with our decision. – Excerpt from post on AndDev

Let’s be clear about what happened to egyptian – It could be a totally isolated situation with more to the story than we’re being told.  On the other hand, it does provide food for thought.  Something to keep in mind when creating your next game or utility for Android.

Source: 4FeetsSoftware

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