GiiNii Movit Tablets Slightly Delayed

giinii_movit_miniOne of our favorite things to come out of CES earlier this year was the GiiNii Movit tablets.  Based on Android (naturally), there are two form factors that were initially expected to launch somewhere in the middle of the year.  According to a company rep, one version (Mini) is now due in October, while another (Maxx) is slated for January.


Depending on when the Archos device arrives, these could be the only two of their kind running Android when they launch.  In fact, it’s not really comparing apples to apples between Archos and the Movit devices.  The Mini has a slightly smaller screen than a typical Mobile Internet Device at 4.3″ and less flash storage.

Rumor has it that the Mini comes with preinstalled Skype service (over WiFi), music and video players, web browser, an address book, and more. Other options include WiFi, Bluetooth, webcam, speaker, and microphone.


The Maxx, on the other hand, should be considered a portable digital picture frame or portable internet appliance.  Starting with 7″ screens, the Maxx is comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery and offers streaming headlines and sports updates.

Source: Engadget

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