Cupcake Appeals to More Than Just End Users

love-cupcakeAll the recent excitement surrounding Android 1.5  seems to be coming from those with G1’s looking for more from their phones.  Well, at least it appears that way on the surface.  Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that the new features and enhancements coming in Android have a lot to offer developers as well.

Yoni Samlan, lead developer of RockOut and RockOut Acoustic Pro has put together a list of features in a piece called 15 New Kick-Ass Cupcake Features which is definitely worth a read.  We’ll save the details for his article, but here’s the bullet point list.

5 New User Features

  1. A2Dp
  2. Soft Keyboard
  3. Music Player Widget
  4. Smart Folders
  5. Camcorder

5 New Developer Features

  1. SDK Targeting
  2. AppWidget Framework
  3. JetPlayer
  4. SoundPool Fixes
  5. XML File Wizard

5 Nice Touches

  1. Carbon-Fiber
  2. Animated Transitions
  3. Better Bookmarks
  4. SquirrelFish
  5. Pictures in Starred Contacts

Thanks Yoni!

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