Skytone A680 Netbook to Sell for $250

skytoneThe race for the first Android netbook to hit the streets looks to be Skytone‘s to lose right now.  The Alpha 680 is expected to go into final stages of prep with a prototype due in June.  From there, a launch is expected 1-2 months later.

The price of the A680 will come in around $250, which is higher than most had hoped for. It’s not a terrible price, but it’s still not the $100-$200 ARM was hinting at.

The netbook uses an ARM11 CPU running at 533MHz, a 7″ LCD screen with 800 x 480 px resolution.  Memory comes in at 128MB  DDR2 RAM with expansion up to 256MB,  1GB SSD expandable up to 4GB.  There a slot for SD cards, 2 USB ports, and WiFi.  A 2-cell battery will provide enough juice for 2-4 hours using WiFi or the optional 3G antenna.

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  1. johnkzin
    November 02, 21:24 Reply

    Has this thing actually gone on sale anywhere?

    And… I just wish it had more memory and storage options. And a 9" screen (plus the dpad and game buttons).

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