Averatec Hinting at 10″ Android Netbook

averatec_netbookRelatively unknown PC maker Averatec is most likely going to be jumping into the “me too” game of Android netbooks.

Based out of Orange County, California, the company has been making all-in-one desktops and notebooks since 2004, often much cheaper than their competitors.

Without explicitly saying it, company chief Tae-Hyun Cho is leading many to believe that their next line will include a 10″ Android netbook.

“The OS is going to be a surprise… (it will be) “a merger of cell phone and PC technology.” – Tae-Hyun Cho

Sounds a lot like Android if you ask us.

Averatec is poised to quickly make a bigger name for themselves, right next to companies like SkyTone.  Android on netbooks is going to he a hot topic over the next few months with any and all makers likely getting much attention.  Hopefully, the more companies offering Android, the lower the prices go.

No word on the pricing for the Averatec  just yet, but expect to see this one in August or September.

Source: TalkAndroid

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