It Has Begun – Cupcake Rollout Starts in US and UK! [UPDATE]


final_cupcakeKeep a close eye on your G1 over the next few days.  T-Mobile is apparently sending out the Cupcake/Android 1.5 update to owners living in the US and UK.  At least, according to what we’re finding across the internet.

Finally, we can put to bed the rumors and speculation.  Is it us, or was this update as anticipated just as much as the actual release of Android back in the fall?

No word on the expected order of handsets getting the update or what the time frame is.  Nobody we’ve talked to yet has received it.

UPDATE: Just like we said when we last left off, we have yet to see the update personally or second hand.  Not to say that anyone else is fabricating their story, but we aren’t seeing here.


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