A Few More Cupcake Images Emerge (CTIA)

The boys over at MobileCrunch have scored some first hand photos of Cupcake running on the HTC Magic.  The images show some of the new features and enhancements coming from Google and pals.  Some are more subtle than others.

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Android Around the World: Germany and Austria Launch Paid Apps

We just got a tip from the guys at Froogloid, who tell us that they’re seeing sales for their app out of Germany and Austria.  This brings the total number of European countries with paid Android Market apps to three, including the UK. What apps are you guys seeing overseas?  Anything ...

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Qualcomm Convergence Looks Impressive

Founding Open Handset Alliance member Qualcomm has come up with some very cool new technologies to aid in their wireless convergence effort.  We’re not going to spoil anything by talking.  We’ll just let the video below speak for itself. Qualcomm has already launched their website ...

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Site Changes

Hey guys – Just wanted to drop in and let you know about some of the things we’ve been doing behind the scenes here at AndroidGuys.  Hopefully it gives you a sense of what our mindset is and where are going with it. About two weeks ago, we changed the layout to what you see... Read More