Plugging a Few Android Projects

android_plugsThere are a few projects involving Android right now that we’d like to bring your attention to.  Theses are all off site and not affiliated with us, but we feel some of our readers might be interested in them.  If you get a minute, check ‘em out.  They might skew a little towards developers, but they’re interesting nonetheless.

The MOTODEV team has been producing a series of weekly podcasts on BlogTalkRadio over the last month or so.  Each week is a different guest developer or team and listeners are encouraged to call in or tweet their questions during the live broadcast.  The most recent podcast was with the team behind PhoneGap.  Next week will have Ed Burnette and Big in Japan (ShopSavvy).  MOTODEV will be attending Google I/O and possibly doing live interviews there as well.

Android-DLs has launched a widget contest of their own.  Called the Droid Dev Challenge, the aim is to create the best Android 1.5 compatible widget. People can make donations to the pot and there will be a winner take all prize. Donations will be accepted via PayPal and the contest runs through May 10th. If you’d like to get involved but don’t have money to contribute, at least spread the word. If you do happen to donate, you will receive a copy of all widgets submitted to the contest.

Android And Me is back with another Android Bounty.  The first contest they held produced the very cool Torrent applications using barcode scanning.  This time around, they’re trying to bring Quake to Android with WiFi multiplayer capability.  Readers are being asked to donate to the cause with various benefits depending on how much you give.  For example, if you chip in with $25, you’ll get 125px ad on their site.  If you are a developer who thinks they can make this happen, jump in!

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