Samsung Houdini and G1 Bigfoot Due in the Fall for T-Mobile


A pair of new Android handsets headed for T-Mobile have just been uncovered.  At some point this fall, around back to school season, T-Mobile is apparently launching the Samsung Houdini.  Named after the famous magician, very little is known about this handset other than it appears to have a full touch screen and bear a striking resemblance to you know what phone.  This makes the third rumored handset from Samsung when it comes to Android.

A recently leaked T-Mobile document shows what looks like their plans for Android handsets over the rest of the year.  Once the HTC Sapphire/G2 lands, the G1 is likely to drop to $149 while the new phone takes the $179 price point.

The G1 appears to be getting phased out around school time and a v.2 called “Bigfoot” will slide in.  Taking a look at the picture, this handset appears to have a full slide out QWERTY without a chin.

Thanks to Sam for the tip!

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