HTC Hero Shows Up

htc_hero_001One of the HTC handsets leaked from early in the year has resurfaced.  The HTC Hero has shed the pink from the early look image and put on a more grown up black.

We don’t think there was any doubt that this phone was going to be Android – the chin was a dead giveaway. It looks like a direct descendant of the G1 with the not-so-sexy corners and matte finish.  Of course the final look to the phone is  subject to change, but we get the feeling like it’s a step back in design from the HTC Magic.

htc_hero_003 htc_hero_002

The device has a few aesthetic changes from the G1 and Magic.  For starters, there’s no trackball on this handset so it appears to rely strictly on touch.  Those familiar with the button layout will notice a slight reconfiguration there too.   We’re reading in a few places where folks are saying they see a 3.5 mm headphone jack, but we can’t.


Hopefully we get some clearer images before too long and we can see just what this phone is made of.

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