Android Around the World: Market Updates from Various Countries

world_dominationAndroid and The Android Market are contiuing to spread across the world, stopping off at new countries all the time.  While some are fully operating with paid apps, others are only just now offering free titles.  Here’es a quick recap of recent updates from around the world.

  • As of today, there are free apps available in France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, and Ireland.
  • Over  the next couple weeks, paid apps will arrive in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, and Spain.
  • The Android Market now offers local language support in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, and Polish.

If you are a developer, you are now required to list what version of Android your application runs on in the manifest file.  There are apps that will not work with Android 1.1 so developers need to take the necessary steps to ensure stability.