App Announcements (UPDATE)

announcementsWe wanted to compile a quick list of apps three apps to look out for over the coming days and weeks.  Each is unique in their own right and normally could merit their own posts, but due to time, it’s simply not that easy.  Check out a few apps that are available now or will be shortly!

tinycomicsTinyComics – This app is a convenient resource for those who keep up with comics, trades, hardcovers, toys and statues as they are released. TinyComics is available now in the Android Market and costs nothing.   Android owners can also visit TinyComics directly, without using the application by heading to

Greenpeace Tissue Guide:  For those who are environmentally conscious and looking to help the earth, this is one you ought to have on your Android handset. Greenpeace evaluated over 100 different brands of facial tissue, toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels and ranked them.  The brands are recommended based on how much recycled and post-consumer recycled content there is as well as which tissues are bleached without toxic chlorine compounds. This one is also available for free in the Android Market.

Star Droid UPDATE Sky Map: From the Google team, this app combines use of your accelerometer and compass in a pretty unique way. Look through your viewfinder to compare maps of space with what you’re seeing. Get the names to stars and planets that you’ve been looking at every night.  Could help you find that lost interest in stargazing.  Look for this app to arrive shortly now!