Searchme Releases Visual Search App for Android Smartphones

search_mePopular iPhone App Now Available on Android Market

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 13 /PRNewswire/ — Searchme, Inc. ( announced today that the Searchme visual search app is now available for free on Android Market. The Searchme application for Android delivers large images of web pages, videos, music and products right to the smartphone providing a fun, easy-to-use interface designed for the mobile device.

Searchme is a next generation search engine, designed from the ground up to provide a better search experience over traditional, text-based engines that were built more than ten years ago. Live for less than a year, Searchme has gained favor with web searchers and has more than 4 million monthly users now, and has grown more than 180% since January 2009.

In November, Searchme became the first major search engine to launch a user interface created specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch and it quickly became a favorite at the iTunes App Store.

“Searchme’s visual search app is perfectly suited for Android users who are looking for ways to push the boundaries of what their smartphone can do,” said Randy Adams, Searchme Founder and CEO. “This solves a real issue for mobile users – a faster, better way to do mobile search. The feedback we’re getting from the mobile community is that they like being able to quickly preview web pages before deciding to take the time to load them in the browser.”

About Searchme

Searchme is a new search engine that uses patented visual search and category suggest features to deliver relevant, meaningful results faster, to every kind of Internet user. Searchme was founded in 2005 by Randy Adams, CEO. The company received initial funding from Sequoia Capital. For logos, images and web/broadcast material, please visit

  • Angela

    It was better than google..

    Pity that searchme disappeared…

    I’m still waiting over a year later (aug 2010) for anything to come even remotely close to offering what searchme was doing..

    The loss of searchme is proof of something big… i don’t know what, but sorta like if the beatles were totally ignored and mediocre pap stayed being the most popular music..

    For how long must we not have a searchme style of search?

    I’ll repeat It was better than google

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