Turn Your Android Phone into a Baby Monitor

bayphonewebHere’s another fascinating way to get more out of your Android handset.  The makers of BabyPhone Deluxe have announced that their iPhone app will make its way to Android sometime in July.

Acting exactly like a standard baby monitor, you place your device 2 to 3 meters away from your sleeping baby. When sounds exceed your preset level, it dials your handset, allowing you to listen in on everything going on in the baby’s room.

The phone will fall goes in battery saving mode after 3 minutes, which should be welcome news to G1 owners. so that a new battery lasts at least for 10 hours.  It is possible to configure a call delay, meaning the app will call the phone number only if the sound level exceeds the threshold for a set number of seconds. This is meant to help cut down on ‘false positives’ when your baby coughs in the middle of the night.

Until video for the Android port is available, you can still get a sense for the app’s capability by watching the iPhone version.

Some of the features that will be on the Android version are:

  • Two-Way-Communication: Allows for talking to the baby over the loudspeaker of handset.
  • Call-In-Function: Start the call from the configured phone number and listen actively into the baby’s room.
  • Blocking of incoming calls: As the iPhone has to be put on silent, so that the child does not get awake if there is a incoming call, these calls will be automatically blocked.

More information about BabyPhone Deluxe can be found on www.babyphoneweb.com.

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  1. Carsten Fore
    September 22, 09:38 Reply

    I baught this new app a week ago – and it is GREAT! Works like a pro! So thankful…

    • Tina
      September 28, 16:29 Reply

      Not bad but as for me the “Nanny” is the best application for android phones in this category. It looks nice also, has a commensurable functionality and it’s free:) You can get it from the android market without any money.

  2. Katarinc
    October 25, 04:33 Reply


    I have problem to download this app – download unsuccessful. Is there any settings have to be made before download? I have LG GT540 Swift.


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