T-Mobile Roadmap Shows Moto ‘Morrisson’ Not Same As ‘Bigfoot’


Recently a handset code-named ‘Bigfoot’ found its way online via a few sneaky folks who got their hands on T-Mobile’s Android roadmap.  Initially, we believed that T-Mobile was going to offer the phone to Wal-Mart under the codename of ‘Morrison’. Now we’re seeing that they are in fact two different handsets.

morrison_bigfootTmoToday has a picture of the roadmap up today with slightly fewer black bars obscuring our view.  We’ll let you see the whole thing there as they request you sign up to view the image.

Take a look at the top right corner and you will see that the Morrison handset is due around the holiday season after the Bigfoot.

According to this document, T-Mobile is slated to have 4 Android handsets out at the end of the year, none of which are the G1.

  • T-Mobile G1v2/Bigfoot
  • G2 (HTC Magic)
  • Samsung Houdini
  • Motorola Morrison

Is it us, does the Morrison look awfully Wing-like?  If you asked us to pick which one was HTC and which was MOTO, we’d probably have gotten it wrong.  Of course, that’s going on the assumption that the Bigfoot is an HTC device.


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