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widget_ad2Those of you who have received your update to Android 1.5 already know how cool widgets are on your handset.  They add a whole new level of functionality and convenience to your phone.  We’re proud to present to you the coolest one yet – The AndroidGuys widget is now in the Android Market!

Android owners running cupcake/Android 1.5 now have the ability to take the AndroidGuys news feed with them everywhere they go.  No need to get online or hit the rss feed if you can see the latest Android news and rumor right next to your contacts! 

If you’d like to get the widget, you have two options.  You can either pull out your Android handset, go to the Market and search ‘AndroidGuys’ or you can click scan the barcode below with your phone.


Many thanks to ‘honcheng’ for creating our widget for us.  He was more than a pleasure to work with and turned the widget over in an incredibly short amount of time.  If you’d like to see some of his other projects, check out iridianSTUDIO or follow him on twitter @iridianstudio.  He is currently involved in buUuk which is a free mobile food guide for the South East Asia region.

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  1. thiefy
    November 06, 00:46 Reply

    hi, i used to use your news widget on my magic, but then you had an update that made it horribly huge and take up a third of one of the three home screens.
    then you had an update that make it show raw html.
    then you had an update that it can not find in the market (i'm in canada).
    so i uninstalled and tried to reinstall the app, now the market can't find it. so now i can't use your news widget.
    also, scanning the barcode above is the same thing as searching the market, it scans great, but the market says, it can't find your app.
    so now i just use the android and me news widget. which by the way is the PROPER size.

    can you not make your widget that size (1 by 1 i think they call it)?
    i'll click on it to read it, i don't need a preview of one item taking up a third of one of my home screens.

    otherwise, thanks for this and the podcast.

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