and Zagat Release ‘nru’


zagat_nru2Zagat Survey and, both online travel and leisure info providers have announced the release of nru for Android.  This happens to be Zagat’s first-ever free mobile application.

Pronounced “near you”, the app is GPS-based and offers free access to Zagat ratings and cost estimates for nearby restaurants, clubs and more from over 75 cities around the world.

Our mission is to provide useful, up-do-date information wherever and whenever consumers need it.  We are thrilled to share our trusted ratings with Android users when they’re on the go and need it most. – Tim Zagat, CEO of Zagat Survey.

Locations are plotted on a radar and show compass directions and distance from the user’s current location.  Each establishment listed shows Zagat’s cost estimate and ratings for under their respective categories. Food, appeal, and quality are are based on the Zagat’s 30-point scale.

The application also uses Augmented Reality (see Wikitude) to display a 360-degree first-person view.   If you click a location, you’ll be given more information from

You can download nru in the Android Market for free.



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