Google Mobile Team Releases ‘Places Directory’ App

places_002Ever find yourself in a new city or town wondering where the nearest gas station, ATM, or restaurant was?  Of course you have – everyone has.  A few members of the Google Mobile decided to address this common situation using their 20% time.  The result is a new Android app called Places Directory.

As the name of the app suggests, it’s simply a places directory.  Take your current location and find places near you using GPS and Google Maps.  The 11 categories are broken into those most commonly searched for when traveling.

  • Attractions
  • Banks
  • Bars
  • Coffee
  • Gas Stations
  • Hotels
  • Medical
  • Movie Theaters
  • Parking Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Taxis

Results are listed according to distance, with pictures, reviews, contact information and ratings.  Much like YouTube and the Android Market works, there is a 5 star rating system to help in your decision making.

places_001Places Directory integrates right into Google Maps (naturally) and gives users options for pinpoint location and turn-by-turn directions, and contact information.

One of the nifty features we liked was the indicator arrow which shows real-time which direction said establishments are.  As your position and location change, so does the does the arrow.  Very handy for those of you who like to travel “as the crow flies.”  In all seriousness, it is convenient to know which way to head if you are walking or are standing in a busy part of town.