T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G Dropping in June?

htc_magicQuick!  What’s the fastest way to take attention from another carrier’s newly launched flagship handset?  Release your own on the heels of the competitor, silly.

The two phones generating the most buzz right now are the Palm Pre and the iPhone 3GS.  While everyone is looking at these “new” phones, others are quickly lost in the shuffle.  T-Mobile is reportedly looking to jump back into the spotlight with the bumped up launch of the MyTouch 3G.  Also commonly referred to as the HTC Magic and G2, the phone was originally slated for a later summer release.  If TmoNews is correct (and they usually are), we could be seeing the phone later this month.

A little over a week ago the T-Mobile USA twitter account posted: “Late breaking news! T-Mobile to offer next Android-powered device this summer. More details will be shared later this month, stay tuned!”

Not that this would be enough to convince us, but we think TmoNews could be right here.  More appropriately, we want them to be right.  A sleeker handset is what Android needs right now.  The leaked box art also fuels this speculation.

We wonder if prices of handsets will dip somewhat lower now that a $99 iPhone exists.  Even though it is an older model with lesser hardware, it still is an “iPhone” and casual buyers won’t care.  We’d like to see $129-$149 Android phones sooner rather than later.  Especially now that BillShrink tells us that the G1 costs more over the life of the contract.

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