Face Off! Which Torrent Client is Best for Android? [VIDEO]

bittorrentJohn Walton from over at phonedog.com has put together a video review which pins 4 torrent clients for Android handsets against each other.  Using Torrent Droid, BarTor, Torrent-fu, and Transdroid he demonstrates the search capabilities and scanning features of each.

I firmly believe that a company like NetFlix or Blockbuster should embrace this technology.  Get out in front of it and use it as a tool to help grow their client base and overall reach.  Imagine being able to scan a DVD at a friend’s house and add it to your queue right away.

You can find this, and other Android related videos and podcasts on AndroidUploads.

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  • ProphetZarquon

    WTF, these are not torrent clients! All they do is act as a remote control for the client on your PC. For a true mobile torrent client, try "aBTC" or "andTorrent".

  • Marcell

    I’m the developer of a new fast torrent client for Android: mTorren
    It will be always cheaper than the other clients. If you try it, please send comments how it works.


    • Williewallace3209

      I like it but it don’t flip with my screen “Acer tab”

  • TrevM3

    mtorrent is actually pretty cool, a bit faster than adownloader.


  • Andrea

    Thank you for the tips, they so useful and I try to follow them. µTorrent is among my favourite and as for the torrent engine I chose http://www.torrentoff.com , where I usually download almost everything, what I need. And I’m happy with quality and speed, which this site gives!

  • Jamie

    SmartTorrent is the best torrent client for Android I’ve used. It’s even better and cheaper than ttorrent. Here the Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blacklamb.smarttorrent 

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