Layar’s Augmented Reality is Dreamy [VIDEO]

layarAugmented reality applications are changing the way we view the world.  No longer do we have to wonder what’s on the other side of town or, for that matter, on the next block.  Android users are able to pull out their handsets and run apps like Wikitude, nru, and now Layar to see where they are relative local to points of interest.

Today we see the announcement of Layar, an app which combines the camera, GPS, and compass to help locate houses for sale, popular bars and shops, jobs, health care providers and ATMs.  While only available in the Netherlands initially, Layar is getting rolled out to Germany, the UK and the United States later this year. When launched, it will be a free download in the Android Market.

We could see scores of companies hopping on board with this technology.  Find out quickly where the nearest coffee shop, gas station, or bank is without doing a Google search. Further, it would be quite compelling to see where your contacts are based off of their respective GPS location.  Send off a message and tell your friends to meet you at the bar.  User generated points of interest would be great for people who want to show of local hotspots or lesser known establishments.

Who would you like to see built into an app like this?

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  1. Roland Stone
    November 08, 07:31 Reply

    Persistent shared geotagging is the wave of the future. Primitive virtual graffitti apps are already here. With the Droid and Eclair they should only get better. But for now check out Geopaste and Airpainter.

  2. cuppy
    July 14, 13:43 Reply

    what a future. augmented realty in android..

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