Say Hello to the Huawei U8230

huawei_u8230The CommunicAsia 2009 Expo and Conference is taking place in Singapore right now and the first Android handset to emerge is the Huawei U8230.  The handset features a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen, 3.2MP camera, and a whopping 1500mAH battery.

Having joined the Open Handset Alliance in 2008, Huawei is rapidly moving forward with the development of cutting-edge high-end handsets, especially smartphones powered by Android and Windows Mobile operating systems… The U8230 and the C8000 handsets on display here at CommunicAsia take the interactivity experience of smartphones to a whole new level and Huawei is looking forward to working with our customers to bring them to market later this year. - Glory Chueng, Huawei Terminals

The handset is slated for a European release later this year.  Price is not yet available.

Thanks to Shayne for the tip!

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