Android Around the World: Geodesic Releases Mundu IM

mundu_imIndia-based Geodesic Limited has announced the launch of universal chat client Mundu IM. Supporting AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber within a single app, it’s similar to what we have here in the US with Meebo, Pixelpipe and Fring.

Android being supported by a large number of handset vendors and the backing of Google has huge potential for growth. We believe we can be an early mover and take advantage of the potential growth in this platform. -K S Vivek, AVP, Geodesic Ltd

Mundu IM supports file transfers and photo sharing as well as message archiving and chat history. The app can be downloaded directly from the web at  There is a 15 day trial to Mundu IM with an outright purchase price of $11 dollars.

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