App Review: Fast Food Calorie Counter

ffcc-homeMobile devices and smart phones in particular are all about making lives easier for those of us using them. Hey, it’s why we carry them right? It is always refreshing to see a software developer design their applications with that in mind. Fast Food Calorie Counter by Concrete Software is one such application.

Most of us live active and busy lives, juggling school, work, and more work in some cases. This type of schedule makes it very difficult to eat healthy, and we inevitably turn to fast food for our nutrition. As most of you know this isn’t always the best idea. The menus are generally loaded with fat, calories, and carbs making it very difficult for those of us trying to watch what we eat.  Enter Fast Food Calorie Counter.

Available for $4.99, this little app has a database of all the major fast food restaurants, (41 to be exact) and their menus. In this current version there are 4,700 items listed and it appears to be pretty exhaustive and current. When you open up the application you are presented with a nice clean interface that shows all the restaurants in a grid that can be scrolled up and down.

menu search

Click on the restaurant of your choice and you are shown their menu items. By default they are listed by categories alphabetically, so beverages would be first followed by breakfast and so on. Luckily you have the option to sort every item alphabetically with 3 button clicks. Just press the menu button, choose sort, then the method of choice. You also have the option to search for menu items by typing in the name.

The app runs cleanly and appears to have a very small foot print. The only quirk I’ve discovered thus far was that when using the onscreen keyboard to search your entries aren’t registered, so your results don’t show up. Also, when you close your keyboard your search results disappear. The search option only works in landscape mode with the hard keyboard. Strange but minor enough to overlook. Hey, that’s what updates are for.

sort-options sort

If you’re on the go and you really need a way to watch how many calories you’re shoving down your pie hole this is the app for you. It’s definitely worth the price, and I would even pay double for it. Fast Food Calorie Counter is a must have app!

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    • Latexmattress
      May 31, 20:14 Reply

      Probably  really shouldn’t eat fast food, but should sleep on a latex mattress.  You can actually become obese by not getting enough quality sleep.

  1. Acai
    April 19, 04:25 Reply

    Wow, hand app! Nice price, too. I bet if I get it I would really be watching my fast food intake for certain!

  2. Abet Singson
    August 11, 05:35 Reply

    One good thing about fast food is that you just have to pay after eating. You no longer have to prepare and cook food for a meal. However, almost all food in the fast food chains are high in fats and cholesterol that is why it is important to choose a food that is healthier than meat.

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