GeeksPhone Debuts ONE in Spain

geeks_phone_oneThe team at Geeks Phone just debuted their ONE handset at an event held in Barcelona.  In case you have no idea who they are, their the small startup group who promise root access on their phones the second you take the out of the box.
Although they had hoped to have a working prototype for the event, it looks it might be another week or so before people can touch an actual unit.  According to COO Javier Agüera, Google Spain was in the house to hand out some kudos to the guys at Geeks Phone.  Based on the few emails we’ve shared with them, they seem genuinely interested in putting together a quality product at a low price.

Below are the specs that are printed on the brochure being passed out to media and press:

  • Google Android 1.5
  • Revolutionary UI
  • PXA310 624MHz Processor
  • 3.2″ TFT Touch Screen
  • 3.2 MP Camera w/ Autofocus
  • Quad-Band GSM, UMTS (3.5G)
  • WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2
  • DVB-T Digital TV Tuner
  • Modern & Sleek Design
  • Built-In Daily Use Software
  • Knock the company all you want, but if this phone ends up over here in the US, it will certainly have some fans.  The processor is faster than anything HTC has put out yet and it’s the only phone so far with a TV tuner.  We’re waiting to hear back on what the memory situation is, but we’re hoping it’s at least 512MB.  A few GB of space would really go a long way.  The haven’t deviced how much memory to use yet, going between 128MB or 256MB ROM.  Being there is root level access, apps can be stored on the expandable memory.
    We want to make the MicroSD the main storage source. We will be including a MicroSD of 1 or two Gb, but as they are cheap now, we want to give the user the opportunity to self-escalate the emmory to their needs and pay for what they will actually use.
    The ONE is expected to see a fall 2009 launch.  Pricing is not yet available.

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