Open Gestures Goes Beta

og_gesture_manageIf you are looking for a cool Android home screen replacement, we recommend checking out Open Gestures by Hollowire. It’s a great alternative to your basic 3 screen setup without being too much of a change. While it looks like the out-of-box experience you get with Android, it has some very handy, and clever features hiding away.

Assign a “gesture” to your most commonly used apps or contacts. Draw an “M” on your screen and have it load the Android Market. Draw a heart shape and have it dial your wife or girlfriend. You can handpick the gestures and modify them later if you need. As you’ll see in the vide below, the app is very forgiving, meaning you don’t have to be 100% precise each time you draw out a letter.

og_settingsThe other great feature tucked away is the ability to quickly toggle settings like WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and more. Simply swipe your finger upwards in an “I” shape and you get a list of options to change.

If you don’t follow us on twitter, you really ought to start!  We just gave away 25 copies of the beta version of this app over the weekend and so far the response has been very positive.

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