‘Bloo’ Gets Ready to Grab the Title for Best Facebook App [VIDEO]

stream_blooAsk anyone you know to name a social network and Facebook will most likely be the first one out of their mouth.  With 200M members, it’s a juggernaut that shows no signs of slowing.   People are staying connected in a way never imagined now that they have smart phones.

As as all of these social networking clients and apps arrive on Android, a common question asked to us is “What’s the best Facebook app?”  We submit to you ‘Bloo’.

We first mentioned the app and its developer’s efforts back in mid-May when the app was called Fbandroid.  At the time, we were trying to finishing up the code.  Here were are six weeks later and the app looks stunning.  Wanna know the secret?  It’s an actual full native client and not simply a “wrapper.”  This one even help Dimitri get some assistancegets Facebook’s blessing.

Bloo is steep in features – just look at the list of what comes in the first release!

  • Stream
    • View Status updates, wall-to-wall posts, photo posts and YouTube posts
    • Post to the Stream new status updates, links and new photos
    • Post comments, remove your own comments or remove your own posts
    • Like or Unlike posts
  • Profiles  / Friends
    • View your own or your friends profile wall
    • View your own or your friends profile basic info (Fields are yet to be determined)
    • Post to your own or your friends wall
    • Auto complete search box to quickly locate a friend
    • Merge a friend with your phones contact. You will be asked to choose an existing or new contact to match and decide which fields to sync
  • Photos
    • View your own or a friends albums ( w/ paging)
    • View your own or a friends photos inside albums (w/ paging)
    • View your own or a friends photo tags, jump into their profiles by clicking on the tags
    • Save your own or a friends photo to your SDCard
    • Tag your own photos only. Facebook policy does not allow to tag ANY photo, so only yours.
    • Upload a photo from your Gallery straight to an album
  • Events
    • View your own events
    • Get directions to events
    • RSVP to events
    • Synchronize your calendar with an event — This is the only feature I am still thinking about as it makes the app REQUIRE you to have the CALENDAR app installed. Right now it is included, as I have found out that the Calendar app cannot be deleted from G1 phones, please comment if this is not true for all G1 phones.
  • Notifications
    • Notifications for pending event invitations
    • Notifications for today’s birthdays
    • Notifications for latest comments to your posts

We’re pretty sure that this app is going to sell extremely well with the $1.49 price tag.  Our hunch tells us it could move at $4.95.  Once you see it in action, you’re going to want it.  We showed the videos around to a few people and they almost all said the same thing.  “I’m getting rid of the one I have the second that comes out!”

Look for Bloo to show up sometime in the coming week.  According to the blog, we might even have it in time for the 4th of July!  Keep your fingers crossed and you’ll be able to share all your barbecue and ballgame pictures with friends.

Here’s the second video…

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