YouMail’s Visual VoiceMail Plus Lands on Android

youmail_logoYouMail has launched their Visual Voicemail Plus (VVP) app in the Android Market, allowing users to play and see their voicemail right on their handset.  Further, there are all kinds of other features that come with the app.  The Android version is the third from YouMail, following recent Apple and BlackBerry editions. 

Here are a couple of things that come with the free version.

  • Always know who is calling in with  full Caller ID, even for mobile numbers that aren’t in your contacts
  • Save time by reading a message in just a few seconds instead of dialing up a phone number and taking the time to play it
  • Archive your voicemails forever, recover accidentally deleted messages, and even organize them right on your handset

On top of the mobile versions available, there is a full desktop service which offers even more to users.

From the desktop experience users can:

  • Choose how and where they pick up voicemail – phone, desktop PC, Outlook or email
  • Decide who can leave you messages – automatically filter out blocked numbers, unknown callers, telemarketers by caller id, or anyone else you think is spammy!
  • Choose to greet every incoming caller by name or set up special greetings for callers that can be personalized and recorded

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