Trimble Outdoors Releases Android App for Adventurers

trimble_outdoorsFans of geocaching, hiking, backpacking, fishing and other outdoor activities will be interested in Trimble Outdoors’ new Android application. The app allows users to get maps of their locations, track routes using GPS, and mark and edit waypoints along the way. Also featured is a a digital compass that displays user coordinates, their speed and heading.

According to the press release, the Android-based Trimble Outdoor app offers the ability to:

  • Review and plan trips online
  • Send routes, maps and waypoints wirelessly to the G1
  • Use the phone as a full-featured GPS navigator to guide outdoor adventures
  • Capture experiences with geotagged pictures, text and audio notes that can be shared online via the Trimble site, Facebook and Google Earth
  • Take advantage of online logs, maps and tens of thousands of trips posted by other users

With Trimble Outdoors, G1 users can harness the power of GPS right from their phone to make the most of their trip. And there’s less to pack because no other equipment is needed. Just grab your phone, head to the trail or waterway, and go. - Rich Rudow, managing director, Trimble

You can find Trimble Outdoors in the Android Market and and on the Trimble Outdoors web site. The app is available for an introductory price of $19.99 during the first 30 days.  It’s not known what the price will be after the initial month.