Sony Ericsson Rachael UI – Beautiful on the Inside Too [VIDEO]


rachael_uiIt’s been less than a week since we saw the outing of Sony Ericsson’s alleged Android handset code named Rachael.  Looking over the list of presumed specs, it’s hard not to get excited when you have speeds of up to 1Ghz.  But what about the inside?  Will it be stock Android or does SE have something else up their sleeve?

Watch the short video (1:38) below and you’ll get a sense for what they are doing with Android.  Comparing it to HTC’s Sense, we’d have to say “different, but very similar”.  As if that makes sense!  This looks a lot like The Astonishing Tribe’s work if you ask us.

Android fans will have some major dilemmas on their hands if this phone ends up looking like this on the inside and out.

Thanks Nick!

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