Phone Menus To Get Less Frustrating Thanks to Fonolo’s “Deep Dialing”

fonolo_betaFonolo is doing their part to make it easier and less aggravating to call large companies.  A major update will officially announced tomorrow, unveiling a new hosted offering aimed at companies looking to improve their customer experience and reduce call center costs.  The service, known as “Deep Dialing” can be integrated directly into the company web sites.

Deep Dialing allows users to completely bypass phone menus (also known as IVR systems) and put them in touch with the desired person or department.  No more “Press 2 for account information, press 3 for tech support…”

Beyond Deep Dialing, Fonolo’s latest release adds features like call recording and “Quick Tones” to more than 500 companies.

Since the launch of our public beta last December, we’ve received overwhelming feedback from people that Fonolo makes it much easier for them to deal with large companies over the phone.  Today, we’re taking a major step forward with a streamlined interface and powerful new features. – Fonolo CEO Shai Berger

With the new release, consumers are able to call directly through to more  more companies, through both the website and the recent “Fonolo for Android” application.

The big here is to help companies improve their customer service.  Putting people directly in touch with the right department will go a long way to raise satisfaction scores.  On top of that, it helps these companies cut down call center service costs.

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