Google Voice App Arrives in Android Market

google_voiceThe highly anticipated Google Voice app has arrived in the Android Market.  While there are other apps you can get to integrate your Google Voice account with your handset, there has yet to be the official Google release.  Until today that is.

If you have a Google Voice phone number, we encourage you to go check out the app.  It’s lightweight, clean looking, and easy to figure out.  Although it’s not steep in features yet, we have every confidence that it will only grow quickly.

Initially, the apps also allow users to access the basic Google Voice features. Listen to your voicemail, read transcribed messages and texts, browse call history, send text messages, and of course place international calls at dirt cheap rates.

Users can configure the app to show their Google Voice number on caller ID instead of the cell phone’s actual number. It’s as easy as toggling between settings on the home screen icon. There’s no worry of accidentally dialing through and showing your cell phone or home phone number. The app gets integrated so well that you don’t know you’re dialing out through it until the call is in progress. That’s when you see the green android guy and the message of “dialing with Google Voice”.

We can imagine this app rolling out small, incremental features as users give feedback. It started with GrandCentral, then Google Voice. Now by releasing this app and possibly bundling into future releases of Android, Google is making cell phone companies less relevant. Imagine the day when your phone grabs whatever data connection is available and sends calls and messages without concern for minutes.

If for no other reason, use Google Voice to make your international calls.  For example. you can call Italy for 2¢ a minute from the US.

Oh yeah… A BlackBerry version was released today too. :)

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