and the T-Mobile AppPack Sneak Out (Grab Sherpa Now!)

tmobile_app_packLooks like T-Mobile has their own opinion as to what apps their new users ought to check out first.  An email being passed around to T-Mobile employees known as “Champions” reveals details surrounding the new “AppPack” set to launch with the new myTouch 3G.

With 9 applications expected to be “bundled” the AppPack includes a handful of apps currently available for Android users.  The existing apps include Movies by Flixter, imeem Mobile, and T-Mobile’s own ‘myAccount’.  AppPack essentially is an Android Market filter that directs visitors to hand-picked apps.

The full list of apps will be comprised of:

  • Sherpa (previously Geodelic)
  • World Tour (Previously Le’ Tour Eiffel)
  • Visual Voicemail
  • myAccount
  • Hotspot Locator
  • imeem
  • Movies by Flixster
  • Facebook
  • Enhance Phone Book

If you are brand new to Android and want to grab the apps, you can click this direct link from your handset.  Link may or may not work by the time you read this. Be sure to reinstall the AppPack APK file come August 5th when the other apps are expected to go live.  Sherpa and Facebook are likely the two apps that will get the most attention.

Respect knuckles to HTC Source and xda developers for the heads up!

UPDATE:  A last minute edit… Lot of love to Peter Ha over at Mobile Crunch for getting Sherpa ahead of time.  We made a quick tinyurl for users looking to download the app. **Make sure you do it from your desktop and transfer to your handset***

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