Donut Details Indicate That it’s Delicious

green_donutThe official Android code repository has been updated with the next level of baked pastry goodness. Donut has arrived over the last few days and everyone is getting amped all over again. Before going much further, we recommend reading Mark Murphy’s Android 2.0/Donut primer.

Always keep this in the back of your head.  What you know of Donut might not make it into the next release of Android (2.0).

All the stuff that we saw announced and/or demonstrated stuff back at May’s Google I/O conference has shown up in some capacity – and more! This includes universal search, text-to-speech, automated backups, and a new camera utility. Oh, and there’s also multi-touch, a widget to toggle settings like Bluetooth and Wifi.  The code also reveals the first mention of CDMA support, lending to Sprint and Verizon getting Android soon.

As you probably already guessed, the dev community is fast at work trying to get it to work on the G1 and other handsets. Early reports have it working in limited, buggy fashion. Some are even working on pulling on specific pieces of the code to install on cupcake.

We’re in the early stages of making sense out of all of this so check back! We’ll bring you everything we learn about the next Android build.  As we’ve mentioned before – don’t expect to see all of these features.  Some of them may not be up to standards when it comes time.

For more details and late-breaking finds, head to xda-developers here and here.

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