Android 2.0 to Have Donut Features Plus More? [UPDATED]

android2_not_donutAndroid 2.0 is not Donut.  Donut is not Android 2.0.

The last few weeks saw many Android and mobile tech sites incorrectly assuming that the two of them were one in the same, or more directly related.  We were as guilty anyone in not fact-checking or digging deeper.  Thanks to the ever-wonderful Romain Guy (Google), we’ve learned that they are not.  One is a branch of development and the other is an assumed software release.  We’ve collectively jumped from Android 1.5 and gone straight to 2.0 without stopping in between.

What if Android 2.0 is made up of Donut, plus some other new stuff?  Let’s have a little fun, shall we?

Here are a few things that we do know for sure…

Gesture support has already been acknowledged by Romain Guy as being on the docket. It’s not full-on handwriting recognition, like what was demoed at Google I/O, but it appears to be a higher-level framework than the stuff in Android today.

So that’s the Donut stuff… what else is there?

Reto’s book also refers to a few other items that might be from Eclair and/or Flan.

  • Detailed coverage of the new Peer-To-Peer (P2P) communication APIs
  • Introduction to vector graphics

Not a clue as to what the P2P stuff is, other than possibly the long-lost GTalk/XMPP stuff returned in an optimized form.   There was a big dust-up almost a year ago when those things were pulled from Android with the 0.9 release. We were told at that time that it would return someday, and perhaps that someday is Android 2.0.  Without knowing exactly what the P2P entails, we’re drooling at the concept.

Vector graphics might refer to OpenGL, but that’d be a pretty significant screw-up by the publisher. Maybe it’s something along the lines of future Flash support.

Maybe Android 2.0 will be composed  of pieces from Donut, Eclair, and Flan.  If anything, we learned the window for Android 2.0 is sometime between now and February.

This is all pure speculation and definitely not confirmed in any official capacity so take it for what you will…

Any developers out there have any light to shed here?

UPDATE: Be sure to check Reto’s response below.  Sounds like really good guess work on his part, coupled with a little ball dropping on Amazon’s or the publisher’s side.

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