‘Bloo’ Gets Ready to Grab the Title for Best Facebook App [VIDEO]

Ask anyone you know to name a social network and Facebook will most likely be the first one out of their mouth.  With 200M members, it’s a juggernaut that shows no signs of slowing.   People are staying connected in a way never imagined now that they have smart phones. As as all of ...

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Unboxed and Demo’d – The HTC Hero [VIDEO]

One of the guys from CoolSmartPhone was able to get a demo model of the HTC Hero to play with over the course of a week.  The video below is the first day of playing with the phone, from the moment he takes it out of the box.  He finds the touch screen quick and... Read More

YouMail’s Visual VoiceMail Plus Lands on Android

YouMail has launched their Visual Voicemail Plus (VVP) app in the Android Market, allowing users to play and see their voicemail right on their handset.  Further, there are all kinds of other features that come with the app.  The Android version is the third from YouMail, following recent ...

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Enabling the Ecosytem: ABBYY, Part One

Android devices typically have a camera. Cameras can be used to read text via OCR. Want to do OCR on Android? Read the first part of our Enabling the Ecosystem interview with ABBYY, makers of the Mobile OCR Engine, in today's episode of Building 'Droids!

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