Enabling the Ecosystem: Appcelerator, Part Two

appcelerator1Today, we conclude the interview with Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator, makers of the Titanium software development platform for Android and iPhone.

AG: For Android, is the Javascript executed on-device as Javascript? If so, using the WebKit engine, or something else? If not, are you cross-compiling to Java or something?

JH: We are executing the Javascript as Javascript in a WebKit WebView that we’ve extended to allow access to native features from the Javascript.

AG: Are there any platform differences (iPhone to Android) that developers would still need to deal with (e.g., CSS differences)? Or is it truly write once, run both places?

JH: There are certainly some differences due to the way that Android and iPhone treat properties, for example.  But this is abstracted away for the Titanium developer so he or she can focus on the underlying application logic rather than the visual/UI differences between the devices.

AG: You indicated that Titanium Mobile is open source. That’s great! But, um, what’s the business model?

JH: We will be announcing our pricing soon.  We will continue to offer an open source version, but also introduce a low-price indie version that has immediate access to all updates as well as a support offering that businesses can use for applications in production.

AG: Right now the Titanium Mobile beta is closed. Do you anticipate having an open beta before the final version ships?

JH: We’re getting close to GA (general availability) and that’s when we will open up the platform to everyone.  In the meantime, we are still admitting folks into the program, so please do register for the beta at www.appcelerator.com.

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